Meet the Team



Head Pattern Designer and Cutter

Meet Carol, the lady who helps bring the WrightBower bags to life. Carol’s journey with WrightBower began 12 years ago when Michael the founder and creator of WrightBower persuaded her out of early retirement to join him on his journey. 

Carol’s impressive career spans over 30 years in the leather goods industry. Having worked in a number of  factories in Walsall, then the leather goods manufacturing hub of the UK, Carol began teaching pattern cutting at Wallsall College. It is through teaching at Walsall College that she met Michael, a young man at that time who came to learn the skills behind the art of creating leather bags.

After twenty five years of teaching, with UK manufacturing in decline, the college closed . Michael was very worried that her skills and experience would be lost forever to the industry and asked Carol to join him in his Manchester factory.

Twelve years later, Carol is a key team member of the WrightBower brand, it is her skill and expertise that brings the designs to life, her knowledge that develops each product's manufacturing process. It builds hope for the future of the leather goods industry that she is able to pass on her knowledge and experience to the new generation. As Michael acknowledges, “By sharing her insight and knowledge with others in the factory, WrightBower have developed and nurtured a team of skilled workers capable of making leather goods of the highest quality”.



Apprentice Pattern designer and cutter

Joining the WrightBower family in January 2015, Nick comes from a creative and fashion background. His passion for well made and designed products is evident with the attention to detail he gives each and every piece he is working on. Working with Carol as an apprentice pattern and design cutter, Nick is learning a skill that will forever make him an invaluable resource for the UK fashion industry. Moving from his home town in Essex, Nick finds that Manchester a working town, developing into a cosmopolitan city, with a rich heritage of production. Perfect for any budding young apprentice.




Production Supervisor 

Since being introduced by a family member straight out of school, Carl has worked in the factory for eighteen years. During that time he has gained on the job training and support from Blackburn College which has led to him achieving two NVQ level 2 qualifications – in leather goods manufacturing and also business improvement techniques. Carl is responsible for the manufacture of all the wallets in the WrightBower range.  His experience and training have been crucial in developing new production techniques and processes. What really comes over from him is his enthusiasm and interest in what he makes. Under his care, the WrightBower wallet team go from strength to strength. Having lived in Manchester for many years, Carl likes the relaxed lifestyle and is looking forward to seeing the city grow and become one of the leading cities in the UK. “I love what I do, the idea of bringing something to life”.



Production Manager

Wendy’s introduction to the fashion production industry was making children’s shoes in Hong 
Kong.  After moving to the UK, she came to work at the factory just over fifteen years ago.

Her dedication and love for the brand and working in the factory has been so wonderful that Wendy hasn’t looked back since. Now, Wendy is responsible for all production in the factory, overseeing scheduling, quality checking and tracking of orders.  Wendy has also achieved a NVQ level 2 qualification in leather goods manufacture. She is an integral member of the WrightBower family. Her sincere and never faltering passion for guaranteeing quality, feeling a huge personal value when the job is done well and to the highest of high standards. She instils this sentiment into her team and as products move from station to station, the idea “perfection is key” never fails. Manchester and the factory in Manchester is Wendy’s home from home; from the friendly chats with other Mancunians at the bus stop to spending her weekends shopping, she loves that she is now a part of a creative team and feels that she can give something back to the UK.